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   Identifying High Value RFID Projects

Are you unsure of how to move forward with RFID in your healthcare organization? Let BlueBean help. We have qualified and certified RFID consultants that understand what it takes to leverage RFID technology in the healthcare industry. BlueBean can work with your management team to identify high value RFID projects that have an immediate impact on your bottom line.


   RFID Products and Solution Kits

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Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is making a major impact on the health care industry. By attaching radio frequency tags to people and objects, RFID technology can provide identification, tracking, location, security and other capabilities. These capabilities directly affect the major issues currently experienced by health care organizations while also helping to drive down costs.

Currently, the three main areas benefiting from RFID technology in the health care industry are:

  1. Asset Management – being able to locate a mobile asset at all times results in better asset utilization which reduces procurement and leases and dramatically reduces the amount of time your valuable staff spends searching for equipment.
  2. Patient Care – being able to correctly identify a patient and know where that patient is at all times results in improved safety and bed placement.
  3. Inventory Management – being able to identify what you actually have in your current inventory and where that inventory is being consumed reduces out-of-stock situations and the amount of consumables not being billed to a patient.

Let BlueBean help you understand how RFID can benefit you and your healthcare organization.

BlueBean’s “Healthcare RFID Rapid Start Solution” will set up an area or department in your facility so that you and your staff can work with the RFID technology hands-on and understand how RFID could benefit your entire organization. Depending on your needs, some of the items included in this package are:
  • Wireless site survey
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP)
  • Asset management
  • Access points
  • Installation
  • RFIDHealthcare is an RFID consulting and systems integration company focused on RFID solutions, RFID compliance mandates, and simplifying the implementation of RFID technology for companies in the Healthcare industry.

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